Street Art and Street Food Tour Budapest

Let’s see and eat the Underground Budapest together!

Duration: 4 hours

Special offer: If you book your tour from May 2nd to May 30th, you get 10% discount!

On this 4-hour-long tour, we will learn about the street art scene of Budapest. We get acquainted with the hip side of the Jewish district through local food and art. 

We discover how this area became both the amusement and the cultural center of the city in the past 20 years, meanwhile, we spoil ourselves with some traditional Hungarian snacks and street food. Your guide shows you where you can find the finest local and international street food spots. 

Through the murals and stencils, we learn about culture, history, and politics, just like in an open-air gallery. 

Of course, once we are wandering in the Jewish Quarter, we must get to know the ruin bars! How they were born? Which are the best ones? Generally: What is a ruin bar? You’ll have all the answers by the end of our walk.  

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• We meet at your accommodation or wherever you please, and we’ll have a deep dive in the bohemian district of the city. 

• First, we visit the Central Market Hall and learn about the traditional Hungarian gastronomy.

• As we arrive in the Jewish Quarter, we talk about the history of the area, and we try local Hungarian cuisine at Belvárosi Disznótoros

• Afterward, we walk around in the heart of Budapest, where we experience the urban culture of the city through the beautiful works of Hungarian and international street artists, and we explore the best street food options in the city, even try one of the most typical dishes of Hungary, the lángos.

As a perfect closing act, we visit the oldest ruin bar, the Szimpla Bar, of course, where we can have a drink, as this is the most pleasant way to discuss topics such as the constantly changing nightlife and socio-political environment of the city. 

The tour is fully customizable for your needs.

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Street Art and Street Food Tour Budapest
Street Art and Street Food Tour Budapest
Street Art and Street Food Tour Budapest
Street Art and Street Food Tour Budapest
Food Tour Budapest

“Lovely, funny, informational and very original tour with Petra through the Jewish district and around the synagogues. Takes 2 to 2,5 hours but only feels like half an hour.”

Basti M.

“The five stars go to Petra, as the Jewish district walk was extremely interesting. Petra is an excellent guide, so well informed and she enriched us with an entertaining and gripping history of the area.”

Naomi T.

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