Budapest has an extensive transit network which features subways, trams, and buses. Public transportation is inexpensive and is quite easy to navigate. Since the city is relatively small, many attractions are within reasonable walking distance of The Deák Ferenc square (the very center of the city), but of course if you’re getting tired of constant walking, I give you now a couple options to reach the most beautiful tourist attraction the easiest and cheapest way.

I started with the Castle district because, this is the home to many of Budapest’s historic sights and attractions, this is a great spot for city views (Selfie Time!), and also this is my favourite part of the city, so it’s a must! 🙂

The best choice to reach and discover this area, the Bus No. 16, which runs between Deák tér and Széll Kálmán tér passing through the Castle District. Buda Castle stands on the hill which is built of marl. Series of centuries-old cultural and architectural remembrance attract visitors here.

Probably you’re gonna to catch the bus at the Deak Square, in that case the first stop you have to keep in mind is Dísz tér, the Southern gate of citizen life of Buda Castle District. If you wanna walk around, this is the best place to get off the bus and start your journey.

Boarding on the bus again or by walking to the next stop you can reach the Szentháromság tér ( The Holy Trinity Square), which is the main square of the Castle District. There are numerous historical buildings and memorial can be found here: City Hall of Buda, the Fishermen’s Bastion and the Matthias Church.

Tóth Árpád-promenade, alias Bastion -promenade can be found a few steps away from this square, which is one of the most beautiful promenades of the capital. The promenade follows the line of the wall of the Castle on the South-Western side of the Buda Castle.

The next sopt is the Bécsi-kapu (Vienna-door), where you can visit a lovely Lutheran Church. Series of baroque and classic style castle-palaces can be viewed here. Of course it’s worth to walk towards a little bit to have a look at the building of the War History Institution and Museum at Kapisztrán tér.